Bitcoin Wealth Review – Why This Trading Software is Perfect For Your Bitcoin Trading Venture

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There are many options to go earning money online. People nowadays are getting more into an online business like selling or even creating media content like vlogging. But honestly, the best way to earn money online is to trade with Bitcoins.

Bitcoin trading has since being established back in 2009, has already gathered the attention of business enthusiasts all over the world. Even famous celebrities and big business tycoons are investing big already in bitcoin trading.

The simple reason is because of the high probability of gaining profits in a short amount of time. But also the risk is much higher in bitcoin trading. The market is super fast-paced that a trader cant keeps up to the quick movements of the market. The Bitcoin market is very volatile, meaning that the swing of prices can change drastically and the 24-hour market also means that a trader cannot always monitor everything. 

Now how can you keep up with the market if you want to trade with Bitcoins? The answer is to get yourself a reliable trading bot. But there are many trading bots available in the market and picking one for yourself can be a hectic task on its own.

This is why we review and test all other trading bots that we somehow see the potential. One trading bot that picked our interest is Bitcoin Wealth. This review that we have written is based on the results of our test so read across to find out more.

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What is Bitcoin Wealth?

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Bitcoin Wealth is a trading bot that has an accuracy rate that can reach up to 85% based on our test alone. There are other reviews about Bitcoin Wealth saying that this trading bot can yield up to $4000 per week starting from an initial capital of $250. Some say that this is not possible for a trading bot, but as we also found out that the way that the software is created can potentially bring such results.

First is that the complex set of mathematical algorithms that are used in the software is utilized by Bitcoin Wealth to decide on whether an asset can yield profit or not. It also uses this algorithm to try and predict the price movements, thus giving it a large boost in accuracy rate.

Second is that the creators of this software are all real-life traders themselves. The creators of  Bitcoin Wealth used different strategies from forex and stock exchange and integrated it in Bitcoin Wealth software perfectly, allowing for the trading bot to simulate different styles of trading that it sees fit for the current status of the market. This processing power and the complex analytical techniques of the bot itself makes Bitcoin Wealth a very reliable trading tool if you want to start trading with Bitcoins. It is like a trading bot created by traders for traders.

The Main Perks of Bitcoin Wealth

Bitcoin Wealth not only boasts of its high success rate but a variety of other useful features that can bring advantages for its user.

Highly Profitable Trading Bot

The main objective of bitcoin trading is to earn money. Bitcoin Wealth is just perfect for that. With an accuracy rate of 85%, Bitcoin Wealth can yield profits of almost $4000 per week. This is close to our results of almost $650 per day, but also take note that we only stick with the initial amount of $250. Other reviews have earned more because they increase their investment early on in their trading. But we still suggest for you to also stick with the initial amount of $250 and increase the stake if you are already sure of the profitability of Bitcoin Wealth.

Fairly Safe Software

Security is very important in bitcoin trading, as it is purely based online. The internet is a den of malicious entities. Hacking and identity theft are fairly common occurrences in the bitcoin market. It is a high priority for any trader to ensure the safety of their investment. The Bitcoin Wealth is just perfect for that. A FIrst security feature that Bitcoin Wealth offers is called the SSL technology. With this added security feature, it ensures that all of the transactions from user to server and vice versa are untraceable and cannot be altered in another way. It has the same concept as blockchain technology. Basically what it does is it encrypts every flow of information in the whole Bitcoin Wealth network. This allows the trader to remain anonymous and it also keeps his information safe and secure.

The second security feature is simply by adding verification systems in all transactions that involve money. This pretty straightforward feature ensures that the admins of Bitcoin Wealth are dealing with the right person and not just someone who is able to somehow get access to the accounts of their users. With this verification system, you can always make sure that no one can take your hard-earned money in any way possible.

Efficient and Easy to Use

The Auto Trading feature of Bitcoin Wealth means that you can operate it around the clock. The bitcoin market is nonstop and possible income can always pop out any time of the day. As a trader, you might want to always keep an eye on every profitable trade as much as possible. The Auto Trading feature can help you keep up with every movement of the market. You can easily set up a night trading strategy on Bitcoin Wealth just by tweaking on the parameters in every way that you see fit. You can also leave it trading by itself completely and still stay on the safe zone by using its stop-loss feature. This means that Bitcoin Wealth will automatically stop trading once a certain amount of money is lost while it is performing its Auto Trading system. With this automation, a nonstop trading strategy can be easily set up. You can also switch to Manual Trading if you want to any time you desire.

Free and Has No Monthly Fee

What is better than a reliable trading software? Of course, a one that is free. In reality, trading bitcoins cost a large amount to invest in trading bots alone. There is also a matter for the funds to be used in trading. But Bitcoin Wealth is free and has no monthly fee that it charges making it perfect for new aspiring bitcoin traders. All you need to have is the amount to be traded which is $250 at minimum. Bitcoin Wealth also has a 1% transaction fee, making it very cheap when compared to most trading bots that can cost up to 10% at the lowest rate depending on the brand and popularity of the trading bot. Although those expensive trading bots already have a fair amount of users to back their legitimacy, it is also better to cut expenses on trading bots as you can use the money to increase the amount that you can trade. Bitcoin Wealth offers cheap solutions to the most common hindrance that a new trader may encounter.

Trial Period

This feature of Bitcoin Wealth is implemented by the admins to attract more traders to use this trading bot. The idea is that in a span of 36 days all of your transactions are free of charge. Meaning that all profits are not deducted by Bitcoin Wealth for over a month. New users can take advantage of this feature and rack up funds before the period ends. After the trial period, you are expected to pay 1% of your earnings every successful transaction, which is still very cheap compared to other trading bots.

Good Customer Reviews

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Although Bitcoin Wealth is just new to the market, it already has a lot of positive reviews and feedback from different users across the world. The amount of trust in this trading bot is fairly high and a lot of other review sites have already claimed the high profitability and reliability of this bot. But you can also come across some Bitcoin Wealth Fraud Reviews that say that this trading bot is a scam or that the high accuracy is just exaggerated but we find these statements nothing but marketing strategies used and created by other competitors of Bitcoin Wealth.

Creating a Bitcoin Wealth Account 

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To start trading right away, all you have to do is to create your own Bitcoin Wealth portfolio. The website has everything set up on their page and you just have to follow the necessary steps in order to create your account.

First Step. Filling in Your Information

First, you have to go to their page and proceed to the registration form. Name mobile number and email address are the required information to be filled in into the form. Other extra information will be needed further on the account creation process but that is just necessary for verification.

Second Step. Depositing Your Investment

You now then have to deposit your investment which is at least $250. This is the lowest amount possible but you can also increase the amount with how much that you want. Although we suggest for you to just invest an amount ranging from $250 to $750 at most so that you can still test the profitability of Bitcoin Wealth. You will now be contacted by a broker via the number that you provided for further needed information regarding the deposit of funds. You will have to wait for about an hour for the verification process. For the withdrawal of funds, you can expect your money to be reflected in your bank account in less than a week.

Third Step. Start Trading

Finally, after the confirmation of your deposit, you can start trading with Bitcoin Wealth right away. We are warning you however that you might need to stay cautious if you are not yet familiar with the trading bot or bitcoin trading. Bitcoin Wealth’s default settings are all set to the right parameter so that it can be left alone trading by itself with the least human intervention. However, if you are already experienced in using trading bots and you are confident with your skill, then feel free to adjust everything to your desired settings.

Final Thoughts: Is Bitcoin Wealth Fraud?

We may sound biased but as far as our review results are concerned, we can fairly say that Bitcoin Wealth is LEGIT. Although this trading bot is not yet known, Bitcoin Wealth already is highly trusted by the majority of people that already used it. There are no perfect trading bots but Bitcoin Wealth is just about right for you to earn money with the least amount of loss as possible. The accuracy of the trading bot is not merely based by its program, but also by the amount of data that it can use to compare past market prices and movements. With this information, the accuracy of Bitcoin Wealth can fairly increase bit by bit. Basically, the longer that you use this trading bot, the better it can yield income for you. So different reviews and tests may yield different results but all in all, Bitcoin Wealth is pretty much reliable and a good early investment if you want to pursue bitcoin trading in the long run.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is there a mobile app for Bitcoin Wealth?

  • As of now, the software is available only as a web app but we heard that a mobile version will be developed because of the demand for a more accessible trading platform for its users.

How much can I earn with Bitcoin Wealth?

  • The amount of money that you can earn with Bitcoin Wealth is based on how much money that you will invest. Other users that are currently earning about $20,000 per month are probably those that are already trading with a large amount of money in their portfolio. In simple terms, the higher the amount that you would risk, the higher the possible earnings that you can get.

Can it be used by rookie traders? 

  • The design of the software is pretty straightforward and simple yet it does not lack on function and features. The interface is pretty much user-friendly and easy to use. You can easily navigate the whole software. There is also a guide available in the software itself so we recommend for you to check that out first.
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